Ла примитива официальный

La primitiva results - official spanish lottery results

Where To Find The Latest La Primitiva Results

In the days before the Internet, you could only find lotto results in the country of the draw. This meant that people could only play the lottery if they were in the country of the draw and that only Spanish players could play and access the La Primitiva lottery. Now, however, everyone can play La Primitiva, no matter where in the world they are. You can find the results of the lottery online at Multilotto, either on the full desktop site, on a mobile device, or via the app.

The La Primitiva lottery draw is played twice a week, on a Thursday and a Saturday. Players with 6 matching numbers and the Reintegro win the jackpot. Players who match the six numbers but not the Reintegro still win a sizeable prize pot. There are even prizes for players who have match 5, 4, or 3 of the numbers. You can check the results online, but the app is probably the most convenient way to see if your La Primitiva ticket is the winner. The Multilotto app can be downloaded for both Android and Apple devices.

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La primitiva официальный

Зарубежная лотерея "la primitiva" - как купить билет из россии

Play La Primitiva lottery!

Something that has been around for a long time is always worth consideration because there must be something good about anything that stands the test of time. La Primitiva is one of the oldest lotteries, going way back to 1763. The lottery has also got some impressive lottery wins to its name, and now, thanks to a gambling site such as Multilotto you can play La Primitiva by going online and choosing your lucky numbers there. A drawcard with La Primitiva lottery is that apart from players being able to rake in millions of euros, you won’t have to pay taxes to the Spanish state.

  • A well established, well paying Lotto
  • You can buy your lotto tickets online
  • Your winnings would not be taxed

Other Lottos Offered By Multilotto

Multilotto doesn’t only allow you to play La Primitiva online. They’ve got lots of the most exciting, huge lotteries of the world to choose from. Just some of these are Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, Finland Lotto, Norway Lotto, Mini Lotto. California SuperLotto, El Gordo, Bitcoin jackpot and many others. You won’t only find the most popular games, but those lesser well-known ones as well. You can play any of these lottos. Most of them can only be played if you’re 18 or older, but some allow you to play when you’re 15. Multilotto provides all this information for you.

Once you have chosen the particular lotto game you want to play, Multilotto will tell you exactly when the official draw of each one will take place and what the prize breakdown of each lotto is. After the draw has taken place, lotto results will be published directly on the site after the draw. There are people from 135 different countries taking part in the lotteries on Multilotto, and this is the reason that Multilotto provides their information in more than 15 languages as well.

Как играть в испанскую La Primitiva?

Играть в зарубежные лото прямиком из России очень трудно. Вам сложно будет добыть билет, а если он окажется выигрышным, придется ехать за призом в другую страну.

К счастью, в России работают лотерейные дилеры, вроде Lotto Agent. Сотрудники сервиса покупают для участников билеты, следят за ходом розыгрыша и в случае выигрыша переводят на ваш счет выигрыш. Участвовать могут жители любой страны. Единственное условие — вам должно быть 18 лет.

Агент успешно сотрудничает с 20+ лотереями и уже выплатил клиентам выигрыши на сумму 15 млн долларов. Офисы Lotto Agent расположены в европейских странах, в Австралии и в США.

La Primitiva Online At Multilotto?

Multilotto is a licensed lottery gambling site that was established in 2011 and allows you to choose and play lots of exciting lotteries of the world. They offer plenty of information on the different lotteries – how old they are, how to play and what the prizes are. You can play La Primitiva and also buy La Primitiva tickets online and the best part is that if you badly want to play a certain lottery but it is just too expensive, remember with Multilotto you can play as an individual, a group or a syndicate.

One of the benefits of play La Primitiva online with Multilotto is that it is so quick and easy to buy online from your computer or mobile device. No hunting around for a convenience and standing in queues. You can stay in any part of the world and play these lotteries. Playing online simply gives you access to the biggest international jackpots. Multilotto also offers multiple languages, they take security seriously and they offer a wide variety of lottery games.

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