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Как играть в иностранные лотереи на сервисе lotto agent

Payouts, Withdrawals, and Winners

Payout Rules

Lotto Agent gives you full support when it comes to claiming prizes.

Lotto Agent doesn’t deduct any commissions from your winnings. However, depending on the laws that apply to particular lotteries, they may have to subtract taxes and/or bank transfer fees before sending your prize money.

They break prizes down into 2 types:

  • Big or Locally Taxed Prizes: These include lottery jackpots, any prizes worth more than $2,500, and winnings subject to local tax
  • Secondary Winnings: Any other prizes

You’ll get secondary winnings credited straight to your Lotto Agent account. From there, you can withdraw the money using any of the available banking methods.

Big or locally taxed prizes usually need to be claimed in person. For these, Lotto Agent sends a representative to give you your physical ticket and assist you with the process of claiming your prize. In some cases, they may also help you with some of the expenses involved — especially if you live far from the country where the lottery operator is based.

How to Withdraw Money from Lotto Agent

There are 7 ways to withdraw money from your account. Depending on the chosen method, you might have to pay bank transfer fees.

Just go to your account’s “Withdrawals” page.

Payment and Withdrawal Methods

Lotto Agent gets two thumbs up for its wide range of payment methods.

This website gives you 14 deposit methods and 6 withdrawal methods to choose from. In the past, they also had support for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, which was dropped probably due to the fluctuations in cryptocurrency valuations.

Here’s a quick look at all the supported banking methods :

Deposit Methods

Visa US $ / € / ₹
MasterCard US $ / € / ₹
Maestro US$ / € / ₹
Skrill US$ / €
Sofort US$ / €
Trustly US$ / €
Giropay US$ / €
Paysafecard US$ / €
Nordea US$ / €
Eps US$ / €
Neteller US $ / € / Ք US$ / €

Withdrawal Methods

Transaction Fee Minimum Maximum Processing Days
Visa 5%, min $3.5 US$15 US$3,000 1-3
MasterCard 5%, min $3.5 US$15 US$3,000 1-3
Maestro 5%, min $3.5 US$15 US$3,000 1-3
Skrill 2% US$15 US$3,000 1-3
WebMoney 0.8% US$15 US$4,000 1-2
Bank Transfers Varies US$1,000 US$100,000 Varies

Has anyone won on Lotto Agent?

Yes! Their homepage even has a real-time feed that displays its most recent winners.

In total, they have paid out $49,284,878 to winners as of July 22nd, 2020.

Here are some of the latest prizes won as of July 2020:

Review of Lotto Agent’s Games, Promos, Bonuses

Promo Codes, Vouchers, and Discount Codes

No need for promo codes here: Lotto Agent includes discounts by default when you buy multiple tickets. Even just jumping up to 3 entires, for example, gets you 6% off immediately.

Moreover, they also offer a “Buy 1, Get 1 Free” ticket promo.

Other Deals and Offers

If you get a subscription, you’ll get every 10th ticket for free.

The company also runs “Invite a Friend” promos. You can earn $5 credits for every friend who signs up and buys a ticket.

Just some of the games offered at Lotto Agent.

Lotto Agent has a good selection of games, though more variety would’ve been better.

Lotto Agent gives you access to 24 different lotteries from the USA, Latin America, Europe, and Australia. Lotto Agent claims to have selected the best-value lotteries from these areas. A quick look shows they’ve hit this goal: Users get a good mix of affordable lotteries that nevertheless offer sizable prizes and a range of odds for hitting the winning numbers.

Here are all the games you’ll get at Lotto Agent:

US Powerball US Mega Millions EuroJackpot EuroMillions
SuperEnaLotto La Primitiva Oz Lotto (Australia) US SuperLotto Plus
Australia Powerball Lotto America (US) SuperStar (Italy) Saturday Lotto (Australia)
Lotto 6/49 (Canada) El Gordo de la Primitiva Lotto Ireland UK Lotto
New York Lotto BonoLoto France Lotto Lotto 6 aus 49
Lotto Austria Mon & Wed Lotto (Australia) Thunderball UK Mega Sena


Lotto Agent carries two Powerball games: the blockbuster US Powerball and the more modest Australian variant.

You can buy up to 20 lines (tickets) at a time. The company automatically adds discounts if you buy 3 or more entries, so this site can definitely be an affordable option for Powerball enthusiasts.

New players are in luck: the Powerball page includes essential information about the game. You can read up on everything from how many numbers you’ll need to how high the tax is when you hit the winning numbers.

This platform sets itself apart from the competition by offering live streams of the Powerball draw. If you’d like a bit more excitement when it comes to your lottery results, then definitely check out Lotto Agent. You’ll still get a quick list of results, but if you have more time to burn, watching the actual draw can offer some fun.

Mega Millions

This website also offers users the chance to play US Mega Millions. Like the Powerball, these tickets come with bigger discounts the more you buy.

You’ll also find information about the rules of this game. Do you want to know what the Megaplier does? How about the tax rate for the winnings? You’ll find the answers you need at the Lotto Agent site. Of course, that includes basics like draw schedules and results.

You can also view videos of the game’s draws. There’s a live stream for the latest draw, but you can also check out an archive of previous videos if you’d like.


Lotto Agent allows you to buy EuroMillions tickets, though it’s not specified which country your tickets will be bought in. One nice touch: while the jackpot is displayed in euros by default, this website includes a tooltip that converts the amount to US dollars.

The EuroMillions page also carries essential information about the game, like which numbers you can choose from and whether or not your winning will be taxed.

As with the US Powerball and Mega Millions, you can also watch the EuroMillions draw live.

Checking the Results

This website provides you with live streams of the draw and results for 24 lotteries.

You can find up-to-date winning numbers for the 24 lotteries you can play with Lotto Agent. There’s a quick-look list of the latest results for all lotteries. If you want more information, each game also gets its own page. There, you’ll find a live stream of the current draw, as well as lists of previous results. You can even check the video archive if you’d like to watch previous draws.

Other Lotto Agent Games and Syndicates


It is now possible to buy entries as part of a syndicate at Lotto Agent, allowing you to increase your odds of winning while saving some money!

Only the most popular games, listed below, are available to play via syndicates.

How does it work?

As an online lottery agent, Lotto Agent helps you buy tickets for official lottery games from different countries. The process is pretty simple:

  1. Sign up for a Lotto Agent account
  2. Make your first purchase through the Lotto Agent website
  3. The company sends its staff to buy actual entries for your lottery game
  4. They send you a scan of your ticket as proof of ownership

Lotto Agent gives you access to 24 different lotteries, with no limits on how many tickets you can buy.

You also have the option of leveraging syndicates for some of the popular worldwide lotteries helping you save some money while increasing your odds of winning.

But if you’re looking to play scratchcards online you’re out of luck as Lotto Agent doesn’t offer them. If that’s the case, we recommend you check out LottoLand and their offering of about 50 scratchcard games.

With Lotto Agent, you do have some neat options when it comes to playing your chosen lottery and winning extra money:

  • Multiple draws: When you buy a ticket, you can choose to use the same numbers in upcoming draws. Lotto Agent automatically records your choices and enters these in the next games.
  • Subscriptions: Similar to multi-draw purchases, a subscription automatically buys you tickets for all upcoming draws within your chosen period.
  • Systematic forms: You can select more numbers and buy entries that cover as many combinations of those numbers as possible. Lotto Agent is one of the few lottery agents that give you this option.

This site helps you play official lotteries, so you’re always a valid participant. It means that you’ll have no problems claiming your prizes if you happen to have the winning numbers. What’s more, your winnings will be paid by the lottery operator itself.

Login and Signup

This website offers quick, easy login and registration.

Already registered but cannot find their login page? You can bring up the login form by clicking the “Log In” option at the top of the Lotto Agent website.

Разоблачение проекта «Lotto Agent»

Лично я скептически отношусь к любым лотереям, поскольку здесь нет гарантированного дохода. Вы можете либо угадать, либо же истратить все деньги на билеты и не получить вообще ничего. И администрация сайта нам об этом всем четко заявляет в Условиях использования сайта. 

Никаких гарантий в лотерее нет, поскольку это лишь дело случая. Причем интересно и то, что и оператор лотереи проведет розыгрыш и все будет честно, и это тоже нужно учитывать.

Также господа админы не несут ответственности за ошибки, глюки и баги на сайте, за рекламу, размещенную на платформе и так далее. А если вы вдруг потеряете свой билет или неправильно оформите его заказ, то будете сами отвечать за все свои действия в этом направлении.

Очевидно, что именно из-за таких интересных правил сайт основного ресурса и имеет негативный уровень траста, а именно -12.

Хотя понять некоторых пользователей можно, ведь они тут теряют деньги стабильно, если верить юзерам, оставляющим негативные отзывы о платформе. Некоторые говорят, что сайт является хорошо замаскированным лохотроном, поскольку при выигрыше мелких сумм (3-5 долларов) выигранные деньги они высылают игрокам, а если выиграли 1000 баксов или больше, то никаких средств вы не получите.

А большая часть позитивных комментариев о платформе написана как-то слащаво, слишком уж неправдоподобно, как будто на заказ.

Ну и не забывайте, что эти господа всего лишь отвечают за покупку и доставку пользователям лотерейных билетов. И на этом их миссия заканчивается. Настоящие это билеты, именно те, которые вы заказали или нет — это все их не обходит. И претензий вы предъявить товарищам этим не сможете, поскольку фирма имеет офшорную регистрацию.  

Пополнение и вывод

Счет в Lotto Agent ведется в долларах. Перечисление в рублях автоматически пересчитывается на доллары. Счет пополняется за 1 раз минимум на $15 и максимум на $300

Способы пополнения счета:

Тип Способ Комиссия
Платежная система Skrill 0 %
Яндекс.Деньги 10 %
WebMoney 4 %
Qiwi 8 %
Карта Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, МИР 3 %
Мобильный оператор МТС, Билайн, Мегафон, Теле-2 7.5 %

Независимо от способа, деньги приходят на счет сразу.

Вывести деньги со счета, помимо способов пополнения, можно на криптовалютные кошельки Ethereum, LiteCoin и BitCoin. Минимальная сумма — $15. Комиссии для вывода:

  • WebMoney — 0.8 %;
  • карты — 5 %;
  • криптовалюта — 0 %;
  • другие платежные системы и операторы мобильной связи — 2 %;

На сайте заявлено о 3-х дневном сроке перевода, но фактически деньги поступают на счет в течение 1 дня после заявки.

Более $1 000 выводятся через банк. Сроки и комиссии зависят от условий конкретного банка.

Для вывода больше $100 000 обратитесь в техподдержку.

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