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Customer Support On TheLotter

TheLotter gives you 24/7 support and tons of resources.

This website clearly makes it a mission to help you succeed. If you ever need help, you can reach their support team via a ton of channels.

Their customer support service is available 24/7 and takes inquiries in 14 different languages.

  • Live chat
  • Email: We sent test inquiries and got a response within 2 hours!
  • Telegram: Just search for
  • Viber: +356 793 63536
  • WhatsApp: +356 793 63536
  • Phone: +44 20 3150 0476
  • Fax: +44 20 7691 7234

There are also dedicated, toll-free phone lines available for select countries:

  • The UK: 0800-1700-409
  • Australia: 1-800-259-355
  • Canada: 1-888-786-3072
  • France: 0805-109-968
  • Germany: 0800-724-1082
  • Russia: 880-0100-3681
  • Ukraine: 0800-500-596
  • South Africa: 0800-981-870

Our Experience with Lottoland

Lottoland Website

Lottoland’s website doesn’t stray far from the norm—it’s simple and an absolute breeze to use.

If you’ve played in lottery sites before, Lottoland should immediately feel familiar. However, the thing that stood out the most was their focus on the games they offer.

On their front page alone, you can get a quick glimpse of what kind of games they have. Not only do they put single play games front and center, they also feature some scratch cards, instant win games, and more. This makes it easy to gauge whether they carry the games that interest you the most or not.

Lottoland offers an easy to use website that puts the games front and center.

It’s worth noting, however, that while Lottoland offers their site in 10 languages, there are no Asian languages featured. They only offer two versions of English (standard and Canadian), two versions of Portuguese (standard and Brazilian), German, Slovak, Polish, Swedish, Czech and Swiss (German).

It’s not a big deal—though of course it would have been ideal to make the site more user-friendly for eastern players.


Lottoland provides the most pleasant lottery betting experience you’ll find online.

I really liked how easy and convenient it is to play on Lottoland. With a single click, you can make Quick Pick bets to instantly load your shopping cart. It makes betting on multiple lotteries extremely efficient.

If you prefer to choose your own number combinations, you’ll have to go through a few extra steps, but it’s still super easy. Just make sure to watch out for unique game modes like Double Jackpot and Number Shield. Lottoland does a great job at explaining their mechanics, so you won’t be running into any problems there.

Lottoland’s play slip offers features that are unique to their service.

Our Experience with theLotter

In summary – they set a very high bar for online lottery services.

We know the ease of buying tickets and getting support from theLotter firsthand. Long story short: we’re all praises for this agent. Sure, those of us who love scratch cards are a bit disappointed, but that’s a minor quibble. As a lottery agent, they hit all the right notes.


TheLotter boasts a simple, easy-to-use website.

Design is one of the most basic things about a lottery website. After all, you’re spending a lot of time there, right? Luckily, they have a well-designed website that’s easy to navigate, even if this is your first time trying such a service.

It’s refreshing to see a lottery site that isn’t saddled by poor or outdated design; even more so when it isn’t littered with distracting and annoying ads. Though it isn’t unique in this regard, it is one of the better sites that puts a premium on user experience.

Navigation is a breeze. All the information (and there’s a lot!) is well-organized, so you’re never overwhelmed. You can jump quickly from lottery results to jackpot updates, game news, and more.

Satisfaction Guarantee

TheLotter offers new players a full refund on their first purchase if they’re not happy with their services. All it takes is a quick message to their support team, and you’ll get your money back. You get six months from the time of purchase to claim your refund.

Note that this only applies to your first purchase. It’s a great safety net if you’re just trying them out — you can check out their services without risking your money.

Результаты Международных Лотерей

theLotter предлагает результаты международных лотерей на 8 различных языках и постоянно обновляет базу данных результатов.

Игра в мировые лотереи более десяти лет : – первый в своём роде лотерейный сервис, предлагающий возможность официально приобретать билеты мировых лотерей, основанный в феврале 2002 года. Мы выступаем в качестве независимого посредника, осуществляющего покупку билетов посредством более 20 локальных офисов, расположенных по всему миру. Местные агенты приобретают билеты в официальных пунктах продажи от имени участников, оформивших заявку на сайте.
Сайтом руководит компания theLotter Enterprises Ltd., расположенная по адресу 2 Lansdowne Row, London, W1J 6HL, Великобритания.

Игра из любой точки мира :

Приобрести билет на может каждый желающий, независимо от страны проживания и гражданства. Будь это ирландец, обожающий играть в США-Powerball или участник из Австралии, который без ума от ЕвроМиллионов – для того, чтобы участвовать в любимых мировых лотереях онлайн нужно всего лишь открыть счёт на сайте. неоднократно доказал, что у фортуны нет границ и ежедневно трудится над тем, чтобы мечты, которые на первый взгляд кажутся несбыточными, становились реальностью для участников лотерей со всего мира.

Это ваш джек-пот, а не наш – никакой комиссии с выигрышей :

За долгие годы существования подарил миллионам участников возможность приобрести билеты самых разнообразных лотерей со всего мира, а также поздравил с выигрышем более 1 000 000 счастливчиков. Стоимость услуг уже включена в цену билета, благодаря чему победителям не нужно платить комиссию с выигрышей, независимо от их размера. Сайтом руководит компания theLotter Enterprises Ltd., и он никак не связан с официальными лотерейными организациями.

Простой и надёжный сервис :

После того, как вы оформляете покупку на, сотрудник местного офиса в одной из стран-участниц приобретает официальный лотерейный билет от вашего имени. Затем он сканирует квитанцию и помещает изображение в вашу учётную запись, позволяя увидеть уникальный серийный номер, дату, время и место покупки. Вы в свою очередь можете убедиться в подлинности билета, сверив эти данные с официальным оператором лотереи. В то время, как копия билета всегда доступна к просмотру в учётной записи, оригинал надёжно хранится в местном офисе

Выиграть стало ещё проще :

После публикации результатов тиража, вы узнаете о выигрыше джек-пота и второстепенных призов по смс или электронной почте. Затем, призовая сумма в полном объёме будет начислена на ваш счёт в учётной записи. При этом, независимо от её размера выплатит вам выигрыш без вычета комиссии – все, что вы выиграли будет принадлежать только вам. Если вам повезёт по-крупному, может потребоваться ваше личное присутствие, для того, чтобы подать заявку на выплату приза. В этом случае VIP команда поможет оформить необходимые документы, а компания оплатит авиаперелёт!
Если по какой-то причине вы останетесь недовольны услугами сайта, мы вернём вам стоимость первой покупки в полном объёме.

Здесь собираются победители :

За годы работы мы имели честь выплатить нашим пользователям огромное количество призов на сумму свыше $ 42 млн.

В их числе – огромные выигрыши!

Зал славы :

  1. M. M. – 2015, Орегон Мегабакс, $6,4 миллион
  2. Б. У. – 2012, США – Powerball, $1 миллион
  3. A. K. – 2013, Италия – SuperStar, €578,000
  4. И. K. – 2013, EuroMillions, €489,000
  5. Б. Г. – 2012, Mega Millions, $250,000
  6. Н. Б. – 2011, Mega Millions, $250,000

У вас остались вопросы о работе сайта или вашей учётной записи? Обращайтесь к нашим профессионалам из отдела по работе с клиентами, а также ищите дополнительную необходимую информацию в разделе FAQ.

Обработка платёжных операций:

theLotter Enterprises Ltd.
Barrack Road 35
Belize City
Регистрационный номер: 59448
Транзакции по кредитным картам:
Aikmina Services Limited
17 Gr. Xenopoulou, Cyprus

Lottoland Review of Security, Trust, and Scams

Is Lottoland a scam?

No, Lottoland is definitely not a scam.

A lot of the negative impressions regarding lotto betting sites are that winnings aren’t guaranteed, since you’re not actually participating in the official lottery. However, that’s something that won’t be a problem with Lottoland.

While it’s true that you’ll only be betting on the draws, and not actually participate in the lottery, we here at Lottery Critic believe that Lottoland manages to replicate the same experience faithfully. That includes the assurance that in the case you do win, you’re guaranteed to receive a prize equal to that of the official lottery.

Is Lottoland legit?

Yes, Lottoland is 100% legit. The company is fully licensed and regulated by the following authorities:

  • The UK Gambling Commission
  • The Republic of Ireland
  • The Government of Northern Territories
  • The Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association

In order to be licensed by these big names, Lottoland is required to provide proof that they have the financial capacity to pay out anyone who wins – regardless of the amount.

In other words, all Lottoland players are assured that they will always receive their winnings in their full amount.

Is Lottoland safe?

Yes—Lottoland offers a safe and secure lottery site where you won’t have to worry about the money you deposit or any payouts to you.

Not only does Lottoland utilize SSL encryption to secure data going to and from their site, payouts are also guaranteed. The bets you place on their website are made with EU Lotto Limited, which is regulated by the Gibraltar Gaming Commission and the UK Gambling Commission. They also hold a fixed odds license (RGL No. 066).

Is Lottoland a real or fake company?

Lottoland is a real company. They have offices in Gibraltar, Kuala Lumpur, Porto, and Sydney – with Gibraltar being home to their headquarters.

How does Lottoland make money?

Lottoland makes money primarily through sales of their main product, lotto bets. The company also sells other products like scratch cards, table and card games, plus more.

A large portion of the money they make goes into their insurance policies – which is how they’re able to pay out huge jackpots like like those of Powerball and EuroMillions. Smaller wins come directly out of their revenues.

Yes, Lottoland operations are completely legal. And as long as you are in a country that permits online lotto betting, then using it is legal for you as well.

33 Lottery Games Offered

As far as lotto betting sites go, Lottoland is one of the few with a vast game selection.

Heck, they even offer more than some of the best lottery agent services out there.

Lottoland currently offers 33 single play lottery games, ranging from popular ones (like US Powerball, Mega Millions, and Euromillions) to relatively obscure ones (like German Keno, Hong Kong MK 6 and KeNow).

If you’re looking for game variety, this is a good place to start.

Check out all the offered games below:

Lottery Games

Austrian Lotto Brazil Quina Cash4Life
El Gordo Christmas Lottery El Gordo de Verano El Niño
EuroJackpot Euromillions French Lotto
German Keno German Lotto Hong Kong MK 6
Irish Lotto Keno 24/7 KeNow
Mega Sena Mega Millions MINI Lotto
Mon & Wed Lotto Multi Keno OZ Lotto
OZ Powerball OZ Saturday Lotto Polish Lotto
US Powerball Sunday Lotto SuperEnalotto
Swedish Lotto UK Lotto WorldMillions
Friday Lotto MEGA 2018

(Update: 10/9/2018) – Lottoland is now offering players the chance to win Bitcoin via the Bitcoin Lotto!

It’s a straightforward game that utilizes that oft-used 6/49 lotto matrix. That means you need to pick six numbers from a guess range of 1 to 49. To win the jackpot, you simply need to match all six numbers.

Jackpots start at 1000 BTC which is equal to €5.6M as of this writing.


Lottoland also offers a decent variety of group play games.

They currently offer a total of 17 options—all of which are different syndicate variants of games like Irish Lotto, Euromillions, Mega Millions, and Powerball.

Check them out below:

Number of Lines Shares Available
Irish Lotto 210 210 100
Irish Lotto 420 420 100
Irish Lotto 630 630 100
Euromillions 50 56 68
Euromillions 100 105 105
Euromillions 160 168 100
Euromillions 330 336 100
Euromillions 500 504 100
Euromillions 1000 1008 81
Mega Millions 250 252 100
Mega Millions 500 504 124
Mega Millions 750 756 137
Mega Millions 1000 1008 158
Powerball 250 252 100
Powerball 500 504 132
Powerball 750 756 156
Powerball 1000 1008 145

Interactive Games

Lottoland also offers a wide array of online games, perfect for those looking for a bit more interactivity.

If you’re looking for interactive games, Lottoland has the goods!

Currently they offer 25 virtual scratch cards, 22 instant win games, 126 video slots, 12 table games, 5 live dealer games, 3 video poker games, and some roulette games.

Lottoland Review on Payouts, Withdrawals, and Winners

Lottoland Payout Rules

When you win any of your lotto bets, Lottoland deposits all your winnings to your account, regardless of how much your prize is. That’s fantastic! They also don’t take commissions from winnings. That being said, if you win the jackpot for US Powerball or Mega Millions, it’s a different story.

Lottoland claims that they aim to replicate how official payouts are handled with regards to these two lotteries, which means that they also take into account the tax that an official winner has to pay. In other words, a 35% reduction is made to your jackpot winnings. They don’t do this for other lotteries.

How to Withdraw Money from Lottoland

When you win, your prizes automatically get credited to your Lottoland account. From there, you can transfer your winnings to bank account or card.

Simply go to the My Transactions section of your Lottoland account and hit the Withdraw button.

Lottoland Payment and Withdrawal Methods

Currently, they only accept popular credit cards Visa and Mastercard, plus e-wallets like NETeller, Skrill, PaySafe and UKash. They also accept payment via bank transfers.

If you do choose to deposit funds via bank transfer—and you deposit over £100—they will add a 3% bonus on top of it.

In the event you win, your winnings will automatically be credited to your account. At which point, you have a two options to “withdraw” those funds: via bank card or directly into your bank account.

Withdrawing winnings to your registered bank card is quite simple—choose how much you want to draw and click on the “Withdraw” button.

Withdrawing winnings to your bank account is a bit more involved, however. You need to know information such as your Bank Identifier Code (BIC) and your International Bank Account number before being able to complete a transfer.

Has anyone won on Lottoland?

You bet! Lottoland has paid over €110 million to more 740,000 winners (and counting) since it first launched. Below are some of the biggest wins.

  • €22.3 Million ($25.52M): Matthias, German Lotto
  • €14 Million ($16.02M): Michael, German Lotto
  • €4 Million ($4.59M): anonymous, El Gordo
  • €3.2 Million ($3.67M): Mario, German Lotto

Lottoland Australia Winners

  • A$808k: In November 2017, a 32-year-old mother of nine from Victoria, Australia won A$808,280.88 from a A$5 Quickie bet on MegaMillions. She got 5 numbers right and missed the Mega Ball.
  • A$1.3M: Just six months before that, a 56-year-old grandmother from Melbourne, Australia took home more than a million Australian dollars from betting on the same lottery.

Lottoland Biggest Payout

Here’s an interesting tidbit. Did you know that the biggest ever online gambling win took place with Lottoland? That’s right. The record win is even recognized by the Guinness World Records.

Christina, a 36-year-old former office cleaner from Berlin, was the sole winner of the €90,000,000 top prize on Friday’s (1st June 2018) EuroJackpot. She had placed the winning bet from the Lottoland mobile app, and it was only the second bet she’s made on Lottoland. Upon hearing the big news, Christina immediately quit her job, and now plans to travel the world and help out her mom.

Review of Lottoland’s Games, Promos, Bonuses

Lottoland Promo Codes, Vouchers, and Discount Codes

Lottoland occasionally provides players with free (and fully valid) line bets and scratch cards. You can visit the official Lottoland promotions page for more details.

You can also search on Google and many third-party sites may have free vouchers, promo codes, and discount codes which you can redeem at Lottoland. I highly recommend you take the extra bit of time to look around. Free bets, 2 for 1 bets, and all sorts of awesome freebies are readily available on plenty of the most popular voucher and coupon sites.

Can I receive a Lottoland free ticket?

In general, you must meet the following conditions to be eligible for a free Lottoland ticket:

  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • You are in a country where online lottery betting is permitted.
  • You are a new Lottoland customer.

Lottoland Review of Mobile Options

Lottoland lets you play the lottery on the go, thanks to readily available iOS and Android apps.

The Lottoland mobile app won Best Lotto App in June 2015 in the Gaming App Awards. As of this writing however, reviews aren’t very favorable. I personally haven’t had any issues with it.

Another thing is that the app is no longer available on the Google Play store for Android devices. You can still download it as an direct APK from the Lottoland website, though. The iOS app is freely downloadable on the Apple App Store.

Take a look at what you can do with the Lottoland mobile app:

  • Place bets on any supported lottery
  • Track draw results and winning numbers
  • Get notified when you win
  • Manage and fund your account
  • Play scratchcards and other instant win games
  • and much more!
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